Welcome to One Thousand Years Jewelry

One Thousand Years Jewelry was co-created by Saman Iman Toloui and Sameen Azizi Imani in Los Angeles, California. We believe in the fundamental oneness of humankind and the vision of world unity. Saman is an accessories designer by trade, a mother of two girls, and wife who has sustained a life-long obsession with making and wearing jewelry. Sameen is a wife and pediatrician whose inspiration behind creating Baha'i jewelry is to lovingly share a means of connection to spirituality through fine beauty that bears meaning. We view jewelry as adornment and as a demonstration of culture and personality.
Why One Thousand Years?
The Baha’i vision is extraordinary and offers spiritual tools to help humanity achieve world unity. The special dispensation of the Baha'i Faith is meant to last no less than one thousand years. We hope our Baha'i jewelry will also last at least one thousand years and continue to impart the powerful energy of the elements from which they were created.
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Our Mission
Our aim is to provide spiritual connection through elegant fine jewelry that is both modern and timeless. Our jewelry is meant to be worn by anyone who appreciates it, regardless of their spiritual orientation. Each piece of jewelry has been carefully designed and handmade by local artisans in Los Angeles, California. Pieces that feature the nine pointed star, the Greatest Name, or the Ringstone Symbol have been carefully approved by the Los Angeles Spiritual Assembly, and granted license by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States.
Our Values
As world citizens, we are mindful of our human family, our precious earth, and its elements. We use recycled and responsibly sourced gold when possible, and conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds. We use eco-friendly packaging and hope to leave behind only a small trace: heirloom fine jewelry that serves the one who wears it.
Our Responsibilities
To support the greater community, a portion of all proceeds go to the Mona Foundation. The Mona Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing opportunities for education and employment for women throughout the world and supports local projects that provide education to all children with the goal of eliminating poverty. For more information, please visit Mona Foundation website.
Ethically sourced diamonds
Diamonds are ethically sourced and certified by the Kimberley Process. Ethically sourced means that the diamonds were found through humanitarian mining practices when it comes to wages and working conditions. While that means that the jewelry costs more to make, we believe these standards are important and aligned with the Baha’i principles of equity and justice.