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How to Determine Your Ring Size?

Determining your ring size can be tricky, depending on the materials you use to measure yourself, or the time of day it is or even what you’ve eaten the day before. If you’re purchasing jewelry online however, it is important to take the time to get the correct measurements because you may not have a return option, and even if you do it’s pretty disappointing to purchase something only to have it not fit when it arrives. 

There are a few different methods we recommend using to determine your correct ring size. Preferably you would try at least two of the following before you can confidently select a size to order.


Determine Your Ring Size


Option 1: Use string (or floss, or thin strip of paper if you don’t have string) to measure your finger

  1. Wrap a piece of string around the finger you are buying for and cut or mark where the string overlaps. Be sure you are not pulling the string as it may stretch and give you an inaccurate measurement. If you are using paper, make sure it is not too wide as this can throw off your measurements. 
  2. Open the string and measure the size with a ruler or measuring tape.
  3. Use the chart to compare your measurement with a ring size.
  4. Remember that a ring must slide over your knuckle, and that metal has a lot less give than your string will. Be sure you are not pulling your measuring string too tight, and that you are able to slide the loop over your knuckle.


ring size chart

Option 2: Place a ring you already own over the size chart

  1. Be sure that your printer will print at 100% scale, and print the size chart in this article or from the One Thousand Years Jewelry website.
  2. Place your own ring over the various sizes until you find one that is the same size as the inside circumference of your own ring.


Ring Size Measure Tool


Option 3: Buy a tool that will measure your finger

If you plan to buy fine jewelry online, the best and most accurate way to measure your fingers is with a tool. There are two types of tools that you can purchase online that will measure your fingers and don’t cost much.

One is a thin plastic band with numbers inscribed on it that looks like a measuring tape you can slide on and off your finger, and the other is a keyring set with multiple rings that you can try on to determine your correct size. 

There are several best practices you can follow to get your ring size correct when you’re ordering online. 

  • Firstly you should consider where you are purchasing the jewelry from. In the United States, ring sizes follow a scale of numbers, half numbers and even sometimes quarter numbers typically ranging from size 2-13 for adults. These number units fit the width of your finger in millimeters. 
  • The time of day matters when you are determining your ring size. In the morning, your fingers might be thinner than in the evening.
  • When the weather is warm, our fingers can swell, and conversely when the weather is cooler our fingers will be smaller in diameter.
  • Consuming salty foods may make our fingers swell and change sizes.
  • Measuring multiple times using different methods of measurement is the best way to obtain the most accurate sizing.

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